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Art Workshops

"I really like the classes the foundation has because I learn a lot. Without them I wouldn't know English and I wouldn't have realized that I want to be an art teacher when I grow up."

- Dominik (San Mateo, 10 years Old)


Art Program

Art Residencies

Alonso Hernández 

Drawing Sound

Over the course of three months, Alonso collaborated with girls and boys between 7 and 15 years old in a workshop that examined sound as a drawing tool and drawing as a listening practice.

Some of the exercises the kids did in these sessions included drawing everything they heard during the day, being silent for a minute and drawing everything that catches their ear, drawing with both hands, recording songs with found objects and clapping, and painting empty containers and giving them a new life by converting them into a speaker box!


Doubts arise and persist, how to encapsulate an instant, how to preserve a moment, and if we make it, how to understand that glimpse of reality as something tangible or even digestible? 

What is the use of going back? What role do memories play and how can we channel them for a better understanding of what we were, of what we are? It becomes important as the years go by to return that vividness and fluidity so characteristic of childhood. 

Let's not try to study the sun as we stare at it, is a project that arises from these few questions. With the desire, drive, and need to capture childhood to perhaps understand where we are as adults. 

Sounds                                      Images

What do you smell?                  What terrifies?

                   What do you feel?                     What do you remember?

          What bothers you?                    What do they build?

                          What's uncomfortable?            What do they communicate?

             What do they unite?

Drawing should not only be for the eyes but for the ears as well. What we have are mental landscapes, the product of our selective memory.

Alonso came up with an idea that, as soon as he met the children, turned into thousands and thousands of little stories that nourished the project in a way that we did not expect. For three months, Alonso gave a sound art and drawing workshop to girls and boys between the ages of 8 and 15.

Alonso Hernández (Mexico, 1993) has a degree in industrial design from CENTRO in Mexico City.

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