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Art Workshops

"I really like the classes the foundation has because I learn a lot. Without them I wouldn't know English and I wouldn't have realized that I want to be an art teacher when I grow up."

- Dominik (San Mateo, 10 years Old)


Art Program

Art Residencies

Apply to our Art Residency Program

We thank all of the 2022 applicants for our art residency program. The application is now closed.

The new application will open in August 2022, for the school year of 2023. Please see the document below as an example of materials asked from our applicants.




The program aims to bring together the local communities of Careyes with selected contemporary artists. Through an artist residency program, an exhibition program and a contemporary art collection, the CACP program will support cultural production and arts education in the context of the local villages. 

Each one-month residency by an artist will feature: 

  • Special programs including performances, screenings, artist lectures, publications, exhibitions or site-specific outdoors works 

  • Children's workshops with the visiting artists for the nearby villages



Having artists work in the surrounding rural communities is one of the key values of the Foundation. Each artist in residence is invited to stage a project in the Careyes Art Space, to collaborate and engage in a project with local children as well as intervene in the landscape with a long term or permanent project that is responsive to the context of Careyes. 

After their residency in Careyes, artists are invited to write how this experience with the community impacted their own creativity and work. These papers and a document of the event with the children will be passed on by the Foundation to the next artist as a reference for their future creation. 



One of the key priorities of the Foundation is to engage the visiting artists with the community and to continue the collaboration with children in the local villages and schools to reflect the intersection of art and education. Especially gifted children noticed by an artist will be invited to participate in all of the residencies in order to enhance their talent. 

Artists are given a space to stage performances outdoor, temporary and permanent artworks, screenings and talks in an open outdoor forum and stage. During the stint of their residency, artists will also research sites in the landscape in an effort to create works within the surrounding environments that will remain for the community to engage with over time.  

Download the 2022 Art Residency Application
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