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Environmental Education

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Envrionmental Eduaction Program

Birding in CostaAlegre

Bird observation by hobbyists is the original citizen science project, and birding is recognized as a strategically effective tool to bring people of all ages closer to their natural environment. Coastal Jalisco has over 400 bird species and high endemism, making it an excellent place to explore avian biodiversity. We piloted birding workshops and observation outings with elementary school students in Arroyo Seco in 2022, and are looking forward to expanding our birding program. 

We have partnered with Amigos Alados ("Feathered Friends"), an international environmental education and friendship project, to implement a Migratory Bird Pen Pal Program, where students in Mexico and California exchange letters and drawings about species that migrate between their local areas each year, and take hands-on workshop offering instruction on endemic and migratory bird life. The objective is to raise the children’s awareness about birds' specific protection and habitat conservation needs.


This program also allows students to make practical use of their English language and gives them another reason to get excited about our English classes. 

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