Artist in Residence: Adrià Julià

From July to August 2016, the CACP hosted internationally-recognized artist Adrià Julià as this season’s Artist in Residence. Julià’s exhibition “Endless Endless Pools” showcases multiple projects that incorporate various media of artistic expressions. Julià led workshops for 23 children from the village of Miguel Hidalgo Viejo in which they learned about the process of video production. They created short films whose storylines are interwoven with the history of their village, collected from Julià’s interviews with the founding residents. Along with this project, Julià worked with children to create silicone casts of the bark textures of various local tree species to highlight the natural beauty of our environment.

From his Machiavelli-inspired surrealist films to his local collaborations, Julià’s works were rendered an innovative inspiration by both the art world and our Careyes community. The exhibit will be on display in the Careyes Art Space through October 2016.