Community Bike Ride with the communities of Arroyo Seco and Punta Pérula

Bikes and beaches in Arroyo Seco and Punta Pérula

On December 2nd, we organized another bike excursion with the children of the elementary and middle schools in Arroyo Seco and many of their parents and siblings. The ride was challenging, riding on dirt roads and crossing hills before hiking to a special swimming cove on the beach, but the children felt all the more accomplished when they got to jump into the ocean! Parent volunteers prepared a ceviche lunch that we enjoyed in the shade before returning to the village.

The following Saturday, we set out on bicycles once more, this time in Punta Pérula, the northernmost village we serve. With our biggest group yet from a single school, we set off from the village center, journeyed through the neighboring village of La Fortuna, and made our way to the beach where we had several hours to swim, play soccer, and snack on watermelon!

On both bike trips, the students enjoyed learning about the flora and fauna of their local environment. As usual, we lent Foundation bikes and helmets to children who did not have their own, and our volunteers and staff provided tune-ups and repairs. We were also joined by several local doctors who volunteered as chaperones and were ready to provide first aid as needed.