Field trip to the Sea Turtle Protection and Conservation Center!

An exciting and educational preschool field trip!

This month, our biologist Alejandro Peña and his team at the STPCC hosted an amazing event: the children of the preschool in the village of Emiliano Zapata visited Careyes to learn about sea turtle conservation and release hatchlings from their protected nests into the ocean. The 32 preschool students, along with parents and siblings, learned about how the beaches they visit on the weekends are places where sea turtles come to nest, how the sea turtle species struggles to remain in existence, and the role that the STPCC plays in conserving them.

We then drove the children to Playa Teopa, where each child was given a new hatchling and delicately placed it onto the sand. The children were mesmerized as the turtles learned the conditions of their environment on their slow but steady journey to the ocean, and were reluctant to leave until the ocean’s waves had welcomed every last one of the new hatchlings. We hope that the children and their families were inspired by this experience to better understand their environment and to treat it with more and more respect every day.