School Spotlight: Arroyo Seco

The primary school in the small village of Arroyo Seco has especially responsive welcoming and responsive to our English  Book & Lessons Program. Of the 452 village residents, there are only 32 children enrolled in the two-classroom primary school. We sat down with the school’s principal, Juan Silva Suárez, to discuss the history of the school, his experience as a teacher and principal, and how the children and community have benefited from the English Program.

Due to the school’s fluctuating class sizes, each instructor teaches groups of students from up to three different grade levels, a joint-instructional system that is common among the smaller communities we serve. Fortunately, our material and methodology allow for flexibility for students in different grade levels and adaptability in instruction.

Juan expressed his appreciation for our English Lessons Program and understands that the benefits of learning a second language is an essential skill for students to have as they continue their studies and eventually pursue careers, stating that “the program is very good and important to our school.” Juan recognized the progress he has seen with the natural language learning methods, noting that the students are now able to understand and communicate in basic English phrases and sentences without hesitation. Juan believes that “seeing the children absorbing this information and observing their comprehension at such a young age is the best result we could ask for.”