Working to become a UNESCO Sea Turtle Sanctuary

This month, during the peak of the sea turtle nesting and liberation season, our STPCC received a visit from CONANP, Mexico’s National Commission of Protected Natural Areas. Our team, lead by biologist Alejandro Peña, is working with these government officials to attain UNESCO’s highly protective status of Sea Turtle Sanctuary.

In order to gain sanctuary status and recognition on an international level for the four sea turtle species that nest on our beaches, we have begun the requisite process of presenting a proposal to CONANP and educating local community members who have an immediate impact on our local waters (from fishermen to preservationists to urban developers). In the past 34 years, the STPCC has protected over 18,000 sea turtle nests and has released over 1.25 million sea turtle hatchlings.

We are also currently working to increase activism in our neighboring communities by getting the locals more involved in our ongoing conservation efforts. With informational workshops and local movie screenings, we are hoping to get more and more youth passionate about taking care of our environment and educating them on the long-term effects of environmental degradation and the effects on endangered wildlife species.