June Movie Nights!

As the school year comes to a close, we have now invited the children from all of our local villages to two movie screenings! This month, we held three screenings: on June 1 for the children of Agua Caliente Vieja and Arroyo Seco, on June 14 for the children of Francisco Villa, and on June 30 for the children of both elementary schools in Emiliano Zapata. We finished up our culinary arts-themed series, showing the film Ratatouille after having a chef from a locally-renowned restaurant give a presentation on what it means to be a chef. In addition to providing popcorn and water for all of the children and parent chaperones, we invited community members to sell fruit and vegetables so as to further encourage healthy living and overall wellness, and we asked the children to bring their own reusable cups for water to cut down on unnecessary waste. By incorporating health promotion and environmental awareness into every activity, we hope to provide a model for holistic outreach.