THANK YOU to our volunteers!

Last week, our three amazing volunteers completed their year of service with the ?! Careyes Foundation. Christina Buckner, Devra Traiman, and Preethi Raja arrived in Careyes last August to spend the school year with us. Since then, these volunteers all worked tirelessly to make our programs possible and were critical to the success of our team.

Their primary responsibility was to serve as English teachers in our Beyond Borders program, and they taught in 7 of our 11 schools, between them delivering a total of over 865 hours of lessons to 750 elementary students. In addition, they participated in our various community programs (including Community Bike Rides, Movie Nights, Bike Polo, and field trips) and helped to strengthen and grow these programs.

We are so grateful for all of their time, their hard work, and everything that they have done for our local communities. We wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors, and hope they come back to visit us in Careyes soon!