Art and ecology with the children of Arroyo Seco

During our three-day workshop, 22 children (ages 3-18) learned about local marine ecology and created beautiful works of art. Since these children live in the small coastal village of Arroyo Seco, where many of their parents are fishermen, they were selected for this project to learn about the impact that we as humans have on the ocean and marine life. On the first day, we welcomed two biologists from the University of Guadalajara's marine biology program, who taught the children about the animals that inhabit our coastline and why their conservation is important. The children then learned how to do contour drawings, using the various marine specimens from the lesson as subjects for their art. On the second day, we took the group to Playa Careyitos to collect hundreds of shells, rocks, and trash from the beach. After washing their haul, they created fibonacci spiral fabric prints, using potato stamps. On the third day, we took supplies to Arroyo Seco for the children to create a giant mosaic out of everything they had collected from the beach.

All of their artwork, as well as many interesting marine specimens, will be on display in our art show "The Man and the Sea", opening on August 12 at 8:30pm in the Careyes Art Space. We hope to see you there!