A Collaboration with Happy Hearts Fund

Last spring, Petra Nemcova, founder of the Happy Hearts Fund (HHF), took an interest in reconstructing our local preschools to improve their conditions after the Hurricane Patricia destruction in 2015. After surviving the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Petra founded HHF in 2006 to rebuild safe resilient schools in areas that are impacted by natural disasters. HHF saw the attention needed to rebuild the preschools in our area and sent an additional representative, Martha, to further asses the damages.

Early this year, HHF approved the funding of the reconstruction project. Our field manager, Ignacio Pelayo, has been working closely with HHF to help manage the construction. This week, phase one began: a complete renovation of the preschool in the village of Miguel Hidalgo Viejo. In addition to the reconstruction, we decided to expand the preschool’s kitchen to turn it into a community kitchen where parents can come to prepare food to sell. This project will not only give the children a safer environment to spend their days, but it will also help parents in the local community generate a sustainable income. This preschool currently serves 40 children, but has at some point been the home for all community members, and will be for future generations. We are happy to be part of this project to help the long-term future of Miguel Hidalgo Viejo.