arroyo seco

Cinema and Community Night with Juan Gil, Arroyo Seco, and Agua Caliente Vieja

At the end of February we completed our first series of educational movie screenings with visits from the final four villages that we serve: Francisco Villa on February 23rd, and the three smaller villages of Juan Gil, Arroyo Seco, and Agua Caliente Vieja on February 24th.

School Spotlight: Arroyo Seco

The primary school in the small village of Arroyo Seco has especially responsive welcoming and responsive to our English  Book & Lessons Program. Of the 452 village residents, there are only 32 children enrolled in the two-classroom primary school. We sat down with the school’s principal, Juan Silva Suárez, to discuss the history of the school, his experience as a teacher and principal, and how the children and community have benefited from the English Program.

Community Bike Ride with the communities of Arroyo Seco and Punta Pérula

Bikes and beaches in Arroyo Seco and Punta Pérula

On December 2nd, we organized another bike excursion with the children of the elementary and middle schools in Arroyo Seco and many of their parents and siblings. The following Saturday, we set out on bicycles once more, this time in Punta Pérula, the northernmost village we serve.