Contemporary art & community program (CACP)

The Contemporary Art & Community Program (CACP), which commenced in the summer of 2013, focuses on collaborations with local schools to produce workshops with children that are essential to the cultural exchange the Foundation promotes and are part of each artist’s stay. Each artist is in residence for at least one month with transportation, accommodations, studio workspace, and stipend included. Additionally, artists have the option of staging an exhibition, discussion, performance, or screening for the public in the Careyes Art Space or adjacent plaza, which are broadcasted online to an international network that reaches a broad audience of visual arts professionals. 

Lauri Firstenberg of LA><ART served as curator of the CACP from 2013 to 2015. Juan A. Gaitán was the curator of the CACP for 2016. The Art Board Committee is currently in the process of selecting a new curator for the CACP.

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artists in residence

(Summer 2013)

Máximo González
(Winter 2013)

Fransisco Ugarte
(Spring 2014)

Mary Weatherford
(Summer 2014)

Conrad Shawcross
(Winter 2014)

Scoli Acosta
(Summer 2015)


Adrià Julià
(Summer 2016)