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Hola. I'm Caitlin Chew.

"I love working for the foundation in environmental education because we give every child the opportunity to become enamored of the magic of nature, and that can lead to a sustainable future for the communities we serve.”

About Me

I coordinate environmental education for the Foundation, including giving classes in schools, organizing educational field trips, community clean-ups, tree-plantings and other educational initiatives. I joined the Foundation in February of 2022 as an English teacher, and continue to teach English in the elementary schools of Arroyo Seco, Miguel Hidalgo Nuevo, and San Mateo. Originally from the east coast of the United States, I got a taste for living in other countries by attending middle and high school in Hong Kong. I studied Environmental Management at the University of Otago in New Zealand, and have worked in conservation, ecotourism and environmental education. I managed environmental education programs for Isla Isabel National Park and the Islas Marías Biosphere Reserve in Mexico. I love hiking, camping, and music, and often play the ukulele for my students.


Interested in collaborating, donating or learning more about the environmental education program, don't hesitate to contact me!

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