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Children's English

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Children's English Program

Beyond Borders Series

The Beyond Borders serie is an effective, culturally relevant and affordable sequence of books and language program for elementary school children (one book per grade from 1st to 6th), including workbook and teacher’s book, that meets the Mexican government-required learning standards and incorporates high-impact learning strategies, including multiple intelligence, mindfulness practices, and the natural language learning methodology.

Since September 2015, our volunteer teachers have been using this book to provide English classes in the local elementary schools through our Children's English Program. 


Julie Catton Amezcua (masters in Education Director and co-founder of La Catalina Natural Language School) is the author of the Beyond Borders book serie. She has spent over 10 years teaching English by this natural method to public school children and local adults in La Manzanilla. Together with Julie and her team of bilingual educators and psychologists, we conducted extensive field research to produce our custom-made English curriculum. We aim that these books will eventually be a reference for other rural zones of Mexico and Central America since no affordable texts with an effective instructional methodology for elementary school students who live in a rural environment exist.

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