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Cinema & Community

"I'm so excited. This will be my first time going to the movies!"

- Maria Alexandra (Emiliano Zapata, 9 years old)

Architect Guest Speakers

Cinema & Community Program

Program Overview

In an area with no other cinemas nearby for miles, we believe that a fun day at the movies is an opportunity to spark curiosity, joy, conversation, new perspectives, and bring the communities together.

Our Cinema & Community Program presents engaging film series based on a theme that is relevant or impactful for children and families from our local villages.

In 2016 Cinepolis generously donated a 45-seat cinema, which has allowed us to conduct various events that are completely free to the community members. Since then we have conducted events such as Cinema & Guest Speakers, Cinema & Gallery, and open screenings.


The cinema can be rented for private functions. If interested please contact Lizzet ( the cinema & community program coordinator, to inquire prices and available dates.

Spirit Screening with Emilano Zapata
Download a detailed breakdown of our program
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