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Environmental Education

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Envrionmental Eduaction Program

Environmental Action

Our environmental education program goes beyond theory to teach and encourage community members to adopt best practices for resilient and healthy surroundings. We look for community partners to support in the identification and implementation of local projects such as clean-ups and reforestations. We have also partnered with other nonprofit organizations as Fundación Sol Pacífico to increase our impact.


The Costalegre is growing as a tourist destination, and one of the biggest challenges is encouraging that economic growth without negatively impacting the environment. We work with kids and their families to maintain beaches and other natural spaces trash-free by organizing clean-ups and painting and installing signs inviting visitors to care for these natural treasures.


We partner with the local municipality to source native and fruit tree species, to restore community natural spaces and to provide healthy nutrition. Caring for newly planted trees is important to reforestation success, which is why we work with local schools or active community members to identify spaces for restoration that will be looked after.

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