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Disaster Response

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Disaster Response Program

Hurricane Orlene 2022

On October 3 2022, the Hurricane Orlene severely impacted our neighboring communities. Floods and landslides damaged at least 140 homes in our service area; the storm left two communities inaccessible for several days, and some families lost everything.


The Foundation responded immediately to support the families we serve through our day-to-day programs. We informed local residents of emergency shelters and government aid, carried equipment, provided electrical generators and water filters, delivered daily hot meals and donated clothing, and took inventory of ongoing pressing needs. Throughout this process, we maintained constant communication with government agencies – Civil Protection, DIF, and the municipal presidency – to make sure we were addressing problems outside of their domain.


Thanks to our Careyes community we delivered 11 hot meals to families in the two communities most affected by the hurricane, Arroyo Seco and Miguel Hidalgo Viejo, feeding over 150 people, many of whom had lost everything and were unable to cook for themselves. In addition, we distributed over 20 large trash bags full of donated clothing and basic necessities.

Coqueta y Audaz donated 300 shoes for children and we coordinated the delivery to the children in the two communities most affected.

Download a detailed breakdown of our program
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