francisco ugarte

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Francisco Ugarte has exhibited at Post Box Gallery, London; Carillo Gil Museum, Mexico City; Tal Cual Art Gallery, Mexico City; Oaxaca Museum of Contempoary Art; Casa del Lago, Mexico City; NOIR Gallery, Guadalajara; Apex Art, Mexico City; The Jumex Collection; Museo de la Ciudad, Guadalajara. He is interested in the relationships between objects, light, vision, perception, and the environment. 

As a teacher and lecturer on art and architecture, Francisco Ugarte created intimate conversations with the children of Arroyo Seco, inviting them to interact with and discuss his site-specific installation in the Careyes Art Space and discuss the work. He read them The Old Man and the Sea and created an activity that was responsive to the piece, playing with sunlight and shadows. Each child has received a framed photograph of their contribution to the project to remember the experience of close collaboration with the artist. 

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