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On October 23, 2015, Careyes and its surrounding villages were hit by Hurricane Patricia. Recorded as a Category 5 only because Category 6 does not exist, Hurricane Patricia was the strongest hurricane to make landfall in history. The hurricane devastated the region, leaving 40% of the houses in the area without roofs and 58 out of the 118 schools in La Huerta too damaged to operate. Immediately following this disaster, we created the Hurricane Patricia Fund (HPF), which quickly raised $194,705 USD thanks to the generosity of our donors.

In accordance with the mission of the ?! Careyes Foundation, the HPF has been allocated to fund a long-term initiative focused on improving local school facilities so that they can be used as emergency shelters. In addition to providing a refuge for each community in the event of future natural disasters, these shelters will also enable students to promptly resume their educational activities and will prevent the loss of school materials. 

To implement this plan, we began by working with various government agencies, compelling them to fulfill their obligation to repair the damaged schools in the ten villages that we serve. Once the government had completed each school repair, we began to convert the schools into emergency shelters. In each school, we installed hurricane panels (specially-designed removable steel window shields) on the classrooms indicated for shelter use. Additionally, each shelter is fully equipped with all supplies necessary in the event of a natural disaster, including collapsible cots for sleeping, an electrical generator, a first aid kit with medical supplies, and an emergency kit (containing axes, pickaxes, machetes, and a chainsaw, as well as additional water filters and battery-powered lanterns with rechargeable batteries and battery chargers).

So far, we have completed shelter installations on the elementary schools in six villages: Agua Caliente Nueva, Arroyo Seco, Juan Gil Preciado, Miguel Hidalgo Nuevo, Miguel Hidalgo Viejo, and San Mateo. Installations are underway in the village of Punta Pérula, and we will continue with subsequent installations once the government has completed their repairs. 

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