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Art Workshops

"I really like the classes the foundation has because I learn a lot. Without them I wouldn't know English and I wouldn't have realized that I want to be an art teacher when I grow up."

- Dominik (San Mateo, 10 years Old)


Art Program

Art Residencies

Laura Blanco

Diario de Lo Ordinario

The resources that surround us every day give us clues to patterns that reveal our intrinsic connection with nature. As human beings, we belong to that wise and complex world, with cycles, rhythms, and interconnections. The extent to which we discover this earthly magic, in turn, allows us to discover our own. In a world that turns quickly, awakening our ability to stop ourselves in the middle of our routine to contemplate our environment and ourselves, we are able to realize that our identity stems from a similarity with nature. Maintaining this magic depends on how much we take care of nature and our relationships.

Through eco-printing and cyanotype techniques, the children of 12 rural coastal villages used natural and reusable elements from their communities to capture how we have impacted our environment and ourselves. They tell us a story about how contemplating the ordinary allows us to discover our identity as a part of the whole. Through this, the children reveal that we can build a harmonious world by respecting and connecting with our environment, our relationships, and everything that surrounds us.

Maria Laura Blanco is from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. She's an independent visual artist with a focus on mixed techniques based on eco-printing, cyanotypes, engraving, bookbinding, and artisanal paper making.


Laura's work is based on the use of colors, textures, and contrasts to mark the dynamism of life itself. It combines elements of nature and human interaction.

Her interest in community work, using reusable and environmentally-friendly resources, has led her to create workshops in different places that create a dialogue about the interrelation of these elements.

Exhibition curated by Mariana Palomar.

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