mary weatherford

Mary Weatherford’s paintings and drawings are abstractions that often originate from a particular landscape, in the early years drawn for life and more recently taking a site as an abstract point of departure. During her summer residency in Careyes, she staged workshops with local school children with a focus on collage, abstraction and landscape with a particular examination of color and light. Weatherford employed her technique of stain paintings using found fabrics and in many of the works, the children utilized sea shells they collected and other elements such as sand and buttons to create both abstract and representational compositions inspired by the local landscape of Perula. After the exhibition, the paintings were returned to the children.

Mary Weatherford's paintings and drawings are abstractions that originate as landscape paintings, drawn from life. Weatherford received her MFA from Bard College, her BA from Princeton and attended the Whitney ISP Program. She has exhibited at David Kordansky Gallery, Brennan & Griffin, Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, LA><ART, MoMa/PS1, Hammer Museum, JGM Galerie, Paris, California Biennial, Orange County Museum of Art. She is renowned for her live drawings in the landscape as well as her ongoing series of famous paintings. 

Weatherford created workshops with local school children with a focus on collecting seashells to produce collages and paintings. Her early paintings incorporated shells into her compositions and canvases. 

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