Music School

Inaugurated in January 2018, the Careyes Foundation Music School offers choral classes for community members of all ages in the village of Emiliano Zapata. Taught by a professional instructor, José Guadalupe Jacobo Contreras, the classes incorporate both music theory and vocalization. Our Children's Choir is composed of children ages 6 to 10, while the Adult Choir is open to those 11 and older. 


Our Music School is the product of an exciting partnership with the José Cuervo Foundation. The Cuervo Foundation has employed our curriculum and expertise to create an English program in the town of Tequila, and in exchange, they have offered their 14 years of experience in developing a music school to help us start our own. 

As participation in and support for the Music School grows, it will expand organically to offer instruction in other musical instruments—guitar, wind instruments, piano, and more—to ultimately form bands and orchestras that can perform locally and throughout the region. Already, our choirs have delighted friends and family with concerts in their hometowns and wowed an international audience with a presentation at the ArteCareyes Film & Arts Festival that featured songs in Italian, Spanish, and English.