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Our Programs

Eleven holistic programs focused on making a difference and broadening opportunities for the local communities.

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Objective: Set early language learners on the path to becoming bilingual using a custom curriculum, giving them a feel for a natural accent and conservational usage from our bilingual instructors and a dynamic instruction methodology that prioritizes immersion and meaningful interaction with the language.

Objective: Maximize teenagers’ and adults’ educational, employment, and cultural potential through a holistic education, widening their skillset to broaden their horizons towards new, exciting opportunities.

Objective: Expand kids’ and teenagers’ STEM skills to offer a new perspective on future careers, by teaching them the basics of engineering through the use of Lego Mindstorm, Arduino kits, and basic programming lessons in order to inspire their future careers.

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Objective: Develop artistic skills and musical theoretical knowledge that allow children to discover their abilities, acquiring skills that help them better relate to their environment and facilitate the solution of everyday problems, with the goal of inspiring future career opportunities in the field of music.

Objective: Share with the communities a space for entertainment and fun in which learning is encouraged through the art of cinema and presentations by specialist guests in different career fields.

Objective: Stimulate children’s artistic, emotional, and sensory expression through the exploration of creative tools and diverse artistic mediums by bringing diverse artists for 3-4 month residencies.


Objective: Encourage children to become promoters of sustainability in their communities by increasing their knowledge, understanding, and perceived value of their natural surroundings.

Objective: Conserve the local populations and natural habitats of all four sea turtle species that nest on the Mexican Pacific coast – Olive Ridley, Hawksbill, Leatherback, and Black.

Objective: Promote a healthy lifestyle through sports and recreational activities, contributing to the physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being of the communities.


Objective: Promote a holistic well-being through educational workshops developed and/or delivered by experts in their field, in topics such as mindfulness, sexual education & health, child abuse prevention, and more.

Objective: Safeguard the physical integrity of the inhabitants of the towns in our service area, complying with the applicable regulations as well as effectively and efficiently supporting communities affected by natural disasters.

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