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Art Workshops

"I really like the classes the foundation has because I learn a lot. Without them I wouldn't know English and I wouldn't have realized that I want to be an art teacher when I grow up."

- Dominik (San Mateo, 10 years Old)


Art Program

Art Residencies

Yair Sikorski

Tan Brillante Como Tú 

A project by Yair Sikorski and the children of the coast

The artist carried out a didactic and fun workshop focused on the use of organic and recycled materials for the production of the pieces. It is an approach to art through the use of flowers, plants, spices, and everyday elements. The children spent one hour per week learning different techniques that aim to develop their creativity and imagination, as well as introducing a healthy vehicle to express their emotions and to share their vision of the world. The pieces that make up the project are a celebration of the site where they come from and a reminder of the pride found in belonging and recognizing oneself in a community.

Yair Sikorski’s artistic practice explores the connection between the present, memory, and its representation. It revolves around the ordinary aspects of living, and how they shape our individualities within their interpretation and understanding. Through a contemplative process, the painter creates new memories and recollections, his work serves as an exercise that recognizes and reconfigures accidental and serendipitous moments. 


Yair Sikorski (Guadalajara, Mexico, 1992). He obtained a degree in Plastic Arts at the University of Guadalajara. His work revolves around experimentation with different techniques and formats to create intimate and personal portraits. His production explores the relationship between the real and the fictitious, between memory and recollections. In 2015 and 2016 he had his residency at the École Superior de Art et Design in Grenoble, France. He has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Mexico, France, the United States and Germany.

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