Children's English Book Program: A School Year in Review

2016 Fall school year in review: September - December

In the eleven elementary schools in the ten villages that the Foundation serves, we have taught a wide range of material to almost 1,000 students in the second through sixth grade. Our second grade students just began the English program this year and so far we have covered the alphabet, numbers, meeting and greeting people, interacting with friends, asking permission, and parts of the body. Our third through sixth grade classes are now in their second year of the program, and we have built on what they learned last year to cover getting to know others, describing yourself, polite words, months of the year, explaining where you live, and classroom instructions. As part of our natural language learning approach to teaching English, all of this material has been taught interactively using songs, games, and art activities. The students are excited to continue learning in the new year!